Jesus Prays for Me

As we are still on the lookout for a church we can call our own, the man and I visited a smaller church in our area this past Sunday. It was an enjoyable service filled with singing, prayer, and a message. As the pastor took us through the verses of John 17 – there were many points that just struck home to me. Maybe they were points that I knew in my head but just didn’t take as fully to heart before.

We understand that in chapter 17, Jesus is praying to His Father before his betrayal in the garden. In verse 9 Jesus states, “I pray for them”. Who is them? That’s me and you! He prays for us on a continual basis because of His love for us. He does NOT pray for the world. Yes, He died for the world and loves the world; but He does not pray for them. He prays for US – His followers, His disciples, the ones He has saved and redeemed.

Who better to pray for us then the only One who completely understands the way we think and the way we feel? The One who knows exactly what we are going through at any given time?

What does He pray for? Among many things, He prays that we would be kept (vs. 11). Kept in the Father’s name so we don’t turn aside and fall short of His plan. And He prays that we might have the exact same joy abounding in our hearts that He had on this earth. “…that they might have MY joy fulfilled in themselves” (vs. 13).  It’s a joy that keeps us fulfilled: filled to fulness. We know our Savior as the Holy One full of mercy and truth but do we know Him and remember Him as our joyful Saviour?! Apparently, He loves to see us smile – perhaps because it’s a reflection of a heart content and satisfied in Him.

So if you’re having an “off” day and just don’t quite feel your 110% best, keep this in mind:

  • Jesus loves you so much that He prays for you on a consistent basis. The Lord of the universe sees you, remembers you, and prays for you.
  • He understands everything about you, your life, and your situation.
  • He wants you kept safe in the Father’s name. He wants to help you be everything you can be through Him!
  • He wants His joy abounding in your heart this very minute and to continue throughout your day! He had a perfect joy and that’s what He wants you to experience too!

One thought on “Jesus Prays for Me

  1. That’s so true. I was just reading that the other day!! How our Lord prays for US. All the more why we should pray without ceasing. As HE was perfect and we are not, so we need to approach the throne coninuously for direction, peace, humility…
    Thank you for sharing!:)


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