The Best Day Ever!

It’s been over two months since the man and I were married! Time is certainly flying by! I’m sorting through hundreds of ceremony pictures, bridal party pictures, reception pictures, and bride/groom pictures. It is quite the task for sure! But very enjoyable! Brings back such good memories that I never want to forget. I’m just trying to narrow down my favorites to put together a photo book – whew!

Remembering the events of that special day are so endearing to my heart! The ceremony was so very special to both my husband and I. We wanted our ceremony to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ because it was only because of Him that our dreams came true! He deserves all the praise!

As guests arrived and were seated, a slideshow was played featuring favorite verses that had been special to us down through the years along with excerpt’s from my husband’s journal during his searching and waiting for God to bring him a wife. As guests watched this presentation, songs of praise could be heard throughout the sanctuary. My father officiated the ceremony but first a meditation was given by my pastor. Special songs were played and sung during the ceremony, a time of prayer and blessing from our parents was had, a time of prayer between us as husband and wife during the lighting of the unity candle was touching, and before it all ended a shout-out of Jeremiah 33:11 from the wedding party and entire congregation was given. To hear everyone exclaiming in unison a praise to the Lord was phenomenal! It was so very special and seemed so very perfect! What a day it was!

I thought you may all enjoy a peek into what our wedding was like. So here are a few pics of the ceremony.


It surely was the Best Day Ever! :) a very special verse that I clung to down through the years

It's only because of Jesus! my nephew, the ring bearer

Awww! the flower girls! A069 A075 A108 A167 ah yes, the KISS! ;)


Mr. and Mrs. Absher!

Mr. and Mrs. Absher!

the bridal party

the bridal party

Perhaps more pictures of the reception and formal portraits will be coming soon! 😉


3 thoughts on “The Best Day Ever!

  1. Sara, you were the most gorgeous bride!!! It WAS the best day ever! Oh, may the hopes and dreams you held in your hearts that day be fulfilled in your lifetime together!! I would love to relive it over again- but this time in slow motion!!!! LOL Num 6:24-26


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