2nd Trimester!

I’m so very thankful and excited! Today marks the beginning of my 14th week and this means I have officially entered the 2nd trimester stage! For me this is a major milestone! The past weeks have been tough, sometimes really tough! I’ve weathered the storm of nauseousness amongst many other symptoms but I am thankful to the Lord that He has seen me through. I’ve had a great support system looking out for me! My husband has been ever so faithful and kind, my parents have cared for me despite the many miles that are between us, and my family and friends have in their own ways put many a smile on my face! I’m not out of the woods yet, for sure, but I can say that I am having better health days and feel more encouraged and energized at this point!



the wee one is the size of a lemon!



2 thoughts on “2nd Trimester!

  1. Aw! So cute Sara! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is easier and more enjoyable.:) so excited to watch as you get to take on motherhood! Isn’t it crazy how quickly just one year can change!?


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