Almost halfway there!

It’s hard to believe that I’m 19 weeks and 3 days. The half way mark is approaching quickly and I just can’t wait. My next checkup is coming up and soon we will be finding out if our little teddy graham is a sweet beautiful princess or a handsome little dude! 😉

This week, I was blessed to have an extra portion of energy so I made the best of it. I cleaned, scrubbed floors, rearranged rooms, and exercised till I was whipped! There was a day of recuperation to follow but when extra energy comes my way, I take full advantage!

The man and I are looking forward to a little visit back to my parent’s home this coming weekend where we will get to spend time with the entire family and enjoy an early Easter dinner! Should be a fun and memorable time!

Well, the next post may be the exciting gender reveal announcement so stayed tuned!

Happy Spring one and all!


the size of a green pepper


we can only hope this comes true - haha! ;)

to make cute babies….hmm…we can only hope this comes true – haha! 😉


growing and growing….now the size of a mango!


yep, ya never know when the exhaustion will hit next!



One thought on “Almost halfway there!

  1. Congratulations! So exciting! We’re expecting our third the middle of August so I think our babies are due about the same time! Every pregnancy is special but there’s something extra special about carrying that first child 🙂


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