Our Favored Choice

Both the man and I believe that names are very important to our Saviour. As parents, we are given the blessed privilege of naming our children and what an awesome privilege it is! It’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We see such an extreme importance placed on the actual naming and meaning of names in Scripture. After all, God Himself renamed some of his children. Take for instance, Abram and Sarai who were renamed Abraham and Sarah, or Jacob who became Israel; Simon became known as Peter and even Saul became Paul once converted. It’s an awesome responsibility to name a child knowing that the meaning and message behind their name is carried with them all throughout their adult life.

We gave much thought to the name of our little precious baby girl. After much brainstorming and prayer, we decided to name her:

Abigail Grace 

Abigail means source of joy. Grace in the old testament means favour, precious, and pleasant while in the new testament it means gift and liberal joy.

Taking these meanings into consideration, our prayer and desire for our little Abbie is that she would be… a source of joy to our Lord Jesus Christ. That she would walk before Him and others in a pleasant manner being well-favored as she is our gift and not only a precious daughter to us but to our King of Kings.

Happy Easter from the Abshers

Happy Easter from the Abshers


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