Preggo Pics

I’ve been falling behind a bit with posting pics. Here are some baby bump shots according to the week of my pregnancy!

Both the man and I are so in love with this child already. Little Abbie Grace is getting stronger and stronger – it’s amazing to feel her kicks and punches! We continuously pray that she will love Jesus from her early days and serve Him all her life and we plead with the Lord to impart to us His wisdom is raising this child for His glory!


Baby is the size of a carrot

FYI….after week 20, babies are measured from head to toe rather than crown to rump as in the previous weeks. So the vegetable shown, shows the baby’s approximate length.


Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash


Baby is the size of a papaya


Feelin’ good and happy about it! 🙂


Baby is the size of an ear of corn


This little one IS the big sister and she’s waiting for the Baby to make her grand debut! 😉


So in love…..



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