Funny, yet not so much

This afternoon brought with it a bit of a scare – well, to be honest they were brief moments of panic, hysteria, screaming, and the sound of my heart pounding out of my chest! “So what in the world happened?”, you’re wondering. Glad you asked! 😉

Let me back up so you can fully understand how my day was going. It was a quiet, slow morning. I had finished completing my assignment for our ladies’ Bible study, had taken a little nap, and just finished a little warm soup for lunch. I was ready to head out on this gorgeous sunny day to do some exercising at the gym. As always, I let my little Maltese Sadie outside before I go. As I waited for her to finish and come back inside, I heard a commotion on the porch. I open the door and see my little dog standing not too far off of on the deck but then I look down at my feet and see a squirrel right there. Startled, I scream – yes, I know, don’t laugh at me. I think my scream scared the little creature and before I even realized what was happening – the squirrel made a mad dash into the house!!! I scream, grab my dog who is now shaking in fear, and start to panic. Trying to think clearly, I grab a broom from the closet and then open the main house door and our porch screen door that is off of the living room in hopes that the squirrel would just run out. The squirrel had disappeared.  Here I am standing in the living with broom and dog in hand….pretty much hiding behind the fireplace….too terrified to go searching my house for this wild creature. As I stand there in fear, I hear “sounds” coming from the spare room down the hall. I figured I better tip-toe down the hallway to the bathroom and bedroom to quickly shut the doors to prevent the squirrel from going in and out of the rooms.  I put Sadie in the bedroom and close the door to prevent a wild good chase.

IMG_8500I slowly step in the office and start sweet-talkin’ to this small animal, as if that’s going to do anything! 😀 As I approach it, it starts to run. Thankfully, it runs back out into the living room where the two doors are open to the ‘wild blue yonder’. Of course, the squirrel is trying to get out of the one glass patio door that is closed. It’s confused so I start to coax it to the other door with my broom hoping that it won’t run in the opposite direction. After a few brief moments, it runs to the fully open door and dashes out into the woods! THANK GOODNESS!!!!

I had to calm myself down after that. I think the stress and anxiety of the whole situation robbed me of at least 5 years of my life….maybe more! haha! 😛

Anyway, I guess this girl is still learning what it is to live in the “boonies”.


One thought on “Funny, yet not so much

  1. Squirrels DO have sharp teeth !! However he or she was just trying to get away to get away !! There is probably a nest somewhere nearby. I used to raise flying squirrels a long time ago plus many other things. I got bit by one onetime that’s how I know about the sharp teeth !! However, be glad it was not an opposm !! They look pretty nasty also with sharp looking teeth !! Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog.


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