6 Wonderful Months!

IMG_9555I can hardly believe it has been just over 6 months since I committed my heart and life to my best friend and my true love! Some girls dream of fairytales and many want to hear the stories of newlyweds living out that fairytale. Well, mine isn’t a fairytale because my story isn’t a fabricated magical story. Rather, it is a life song of praise to my God!

I sit here in my tidy, cozy living room hearing the birds chirp and enjoying the sun shine while my man is outside washing and polishing his truck. Laundry is in the washer and dryer. A glazed strawberry bundt cake is sitting on the kitchen counter. My heart is at peace. My spirit is overwhelmed with joy. My soul is resting in the beauty of what it’s like to be “in love”.

From the moment we said “I Do”, life has had its twists and turns. It hasn’t been easy even from the very first days of our honeymoon. We’ve experienced hardship and trials. We’ve shared tears and joy. But I would never trade it for another life.

God knew exactly what I needed when he gave me “my man”. You see, John is perfect for me so therefore he is the perfect man! Sure he’s a sinner and he would be the first to confess that to anyone; but his heart is genuine and pure. He is motivated by the love of Christ and a desire for holiness. DSC_0101He talks and acts in a gentle way that blesses my heart. He is the leader of our home yet he has a heart of compassion and it’s fueled by his desire to always seek my best. He can sense when I’m down; He listens intently to not just my words but what my heart is “feeling”.

We may not live in a big fancy house or drive impressive sports cars; but what we have is lasting and eternal. We have a love for each other that was cultivated by a love for Christ. We entered marriage knowing that we ought to give 100% of ourselves that it wasn’t 50/50. We knew there would be times of struggle but that was okay because we would walk through those times together, hand in hand.

God saw fit to bless us in an amazing way with a child in the early stages of us being newlyweds and honestly that has brought along its challenges. But with the challenges, it has brought so much joy and anticipation and has even brought us closer together.

I don’t deserve such a good man taking care of me. I don’t deserve his love, kindness, and care. I don’t deserve this gift of marriage nor this beautiful gift of motherhood. These are priceless gems that I hold dear to my heart. God didn’t have to bless me but for some reason He did and I am unworthy. I am ever so grateful to my Lord and Saviour for not seeing me for who I truly am but rather seeing me pure, spotless, and lovely because of Jesus in me! He is the Giver of all good gifts and my heart sings praise to him!

I love you Jesus! I thank you!

I love you, John……you truly make me a better person and I’m just so madly in love with you! ❤






2 thoughts on “6 Wonderful Months!

  1. Oh Sara, I love to read the ponderings of your heart! A marriage with God at the center will last a lifetime! “For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.” Ps 48:14 May our Lord bless you, both, as you continue to grow together in life and love! Happy 1/2 anniversary!


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