Playing Catch-Up

It’s been a little while since I’ve given an update. Life is going well. I certainly can’t complain even if the weather has been a bit of a drag. Lots of dark, dreary, rainy days with high humidity. We do get some sunny afternoons and I try to take advantage of them whenever I can! I love to walk around Treasure Lake and soak in the beauty of creation around me. I try to walk about 4 miles to keep active and to try (in a small way) to keep fit and trim during this third trimester.

“The man” has been working long days and some weekends. I miss him and try to stop by the store to chat for a bit when I’m out and about. On his days off, we try to enjoy our quality time together. Just this past week, we took a little trip to the Elk Center. We saw a few elk but found out that it’s best to go during their mating season when hundreds can be found in the fields! 🙂

Elk Center

Elk Center

This past weekend, our town geared up for the annual community days. This is a big time for kids and adults alike with food, music, prizes, competitions, a parade, and fireworks! Our church had a booth and gave out about 1200 hugs as well as the book of Romans. So great to be able to spread the love of Jesus to hurting and lonely people and to get the Word of God in their hands!



Of course, I have to include a few recent baby bump pics! I’m excited to be 30 weeks at this point – this means the countdown is in the single digits now! Perhaps 9 more weeks to go – although I wouldn’t complain it the wee one would decide to make her grand debut just a tad earlier! I’ll hope for the best! 😉




Haven’t had terrible cravings during this pregnancy. I may get in the “mood” for something every now and then but nothing that has lasted to entitle it as a “craving”. I do try to keep hydrated and drink a lot of water. And of course, with a little human growing inside of me….I’ll admit that I like to snack. I think this pic says it all – haha! 😉IMG_8989


Of course, I can’t finish this post without saying that I still love my man and enjoy being married to him. He is my best friend and we have some of the greatest times together!




One thought on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. I don’t comment often, but I really enjoy your blog! You are such a cute mama! You’ve always had a great sense of style and that hasn’t changed with maternity clothes (where are you shopping — so many cute things!). You are so smart to be exercising and will enjoy it even more once baby is here and it gives you a good reason to get out with her on walks. Thanks for sharing your journey! 🙂


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