Blessings! I am Sara Nicole Absher. A new wifey to “the man” who has swept me off my feet and who completely adores me! I’m not worthy of God’s blessings or for my “dream come true” but I will readily admit that I am loving this new season of my life.

I have an awesome family. I was raised in a loving Christian home where the Word of God was the foundation. I grew up with three awesome brothers  who are now all married and having kids of their own! And now, I am living in a little town in western PA with the love of my life and happily keeping busy keeping our home tidy and welcoming.

I look back over the many years of my life and even though it wasn’t perfect and brought with it its ups and downs, joys and tears, blessings and struggles – I wouldn’t trade if for the world. For through it all, God was glorified and I have seen His hand in ways that I would have missed out on despite my shortcomings.

I am very far from perfect and you will soon see that through my writings; but since I enjoy blogging, I want to share my life with you! I want to be transparent and share my victories and failures, my joys and sorrows, and of course the happenings of my life through the camera lens. I want to be a friend to you through the blogosphere. I want to bring you a smile on the days when you feel like you can’t possibly hind humor in anything. I want to inspire you to try new recipes for your family or hubby! I want to inspire you to love and seek after God to become the perfect woman He has created you to be!

So please come with me and enter into the humble abode of the Abshers where peace, love, and joy abound!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Sara! I am enjoying catching up on your life. 🙂 So neat to see how the Lord has blessed. I’d love to talk to you sometime. I hope all is well and look forward to hearing when the little one makes her appearance!! So excited for you. 🙂 Take care!


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