Eternal Glory!

It’s so hard to find the time to accomplish everything I have on my to-do list as well as my “wish-to-be-done list”….let alone find the time to blog! Life is a whirlwind at times. I keep very busy tending to the needs of the home as much as I possibly can. Sometimes it’s accomplishing small tasks like running to do a load of laundry or finish washing the dishes in the sink while my little one is taking a 30 minute cat nap. But for this momma – that’s a HUGE accomplishment!

Abbie Grace is a very active little being.
IMG_1312IMG_1796At four months old, she still has bouts of colic and doesn’t like to waste her minutes snoozing away – no siree, she likes to be taking in all the sights and sounds this world has to offer! 🙂 This means that she is attached to my hip – literally. If you were to stop by our home, there’s a good chance you would see the wee one in my arms or in her kangaroo sack strapped to my body as I vacuum, peel potatoes, or eat my dinner. I’ll be quick to say that I am so very blessed with a loving, caring husband who tries to entertain the little soul to give mommy a few minutes of reprieve.

This season of life can be trying at times. It’s utterly exhausting to be frank. By nightfall, I am often physically stretched beyond all means. I realize I need so much of God’s grace. I see my lack of patience. I shirk at the shadow of my selfishness. I often become weary and frustrated even if it is just kept to myself at a low simmer in my heart.

I admit that I don’t want to take these days and nights for granted. I really really don’t. I don’t want to begrudge the good and precious gift God has entrusted to me – my sweet, lovely daughter. I love her to pieces, truly I do! She is our little gem and fills our home with such happiness. IMG_1360I’m delighted to be her mother. Though the days may be wearisome at times, I wouldn’t trade her smiles, her chubby little cheeks, even her piercing cries for anything this world has to offer. Time has passed too quickly as it is – I want to savor every second with her. So even though this day has been a hard one dealing with screams of hysteria, I thank the Lord that she is healthy, that I have a child to love and care for, and that He gives me the grace for everything I encounter. He has entrusted her (His little princess) to me. He knows I’m capable of raising her and training her for His purposes!

There are those out there who deal with these same issues – I know I’m not alone by any means! And yet, there are others who suffer through different trials that pain the heart. But we must remember: God will supply all our needs! He will be there for us! He shall mount us up with wings as eagles and cause us to soar above our frustration and weariness. He shall sustain us as we rely on Him. We just have to choose to immerse ourselves in His Word and listen to His still small voice. We must look to Him. We must choose to give thanks in all things!

There is another tomorrow! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! And there is a God who is bigger than our problems! But most of all, there is a Saviour who loves us and desires the very best for us!

So as I head to bed tonight, I remind myself that “our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory” (2 Corinthians 4:17). Something wonderful is bound to happen!


Memorial Day Party

This past weekend, the man and I were able to travel to my parent’s home to spend two days with family and friends. I guess our family likes to party because that’s exactly what we did! We were invited to my friend’s b’day party as she celebrated the 23 years God has given her! What a blast! We were soaking up the sunshine and the cool lake breeze the entire afternoon while taking turns riding the wave runner! I sure didn’t want to miss out on a ride and with my life jacket buckled up over my preggo belly, I hung on tight and did some laughing and screaming as we jetted down the lake and hit some good waves! (Abbie’s momma may be a bit of a dare devil sometimes; so, I’m thinking this little girl may have an adventurous streak herself!)

my dear friend, April, and me having a BLAST!

my dear friend, April, and me out on the lake


Memorial Day came with great anticipation! My brothers and their families, along with friends, and many relatives graced my parent’s home with their presence. Just to be able to relax and soak up some more sun was more than fantastic for me and I enjoyed seeing the little kiddos and the “big kiddos” 😉 swimming in the pool, playing games, and eating lots of fun food!


Little Hailey loves the water!

Little Hailey loves the water!

some festive treats I brought - patriotic swirled vanilla fudge and patriotic gumdrops

some festive treats I brought – patriotic swirled vanilla fudge and patriotic gumdrops

Mom's famous fruit trifle! Mmmm!

Mom’s famous fruit trifle! Mmmm!

Jeremy just loves playing w/ his Uncle John! :)

Jeremy just loves playing w/ his Uncle John! 🙂

getting his tan on ;)

getting his tan on 😉

We had the honor and privilege of celebrating the 90th birthday of my dear Uncle – a WWII veteran!


Many special memories were made and nothing beats good ol’ hearty laughs with people you love so much!

Oh….and here’s the latest preggo bump pic! This past week, marked the start of my 3rd trimester – woo hoo!


A Mother Worthy of Honor

Godly mothers – young or old, abundant in children or suffering the loss of a child held dear – deserve the utmost honor and respect. They fulfill a calling that can only be given by our Lord and are worthy of His blessing and our admiration.

My life has been blessed. Not only have I been given a mother who has loved and nurtured me but has taught me by example what it is to be a godly woman in Christ Jesus. My life would not be the same without my dear mom, my dearest friend.

\What a privilege to be her daughter and I just can’t wait for the day that I see my little Abbie running into her Grammie’s arms knowing that she will be shown a portion of the pure agape love of Jesus.


Funny, yet not so much

This afternoon brought with it a bit of a scare – well, to be honest they were brief moments of panic, hysteria, screaming, and the sound of my heart pounding out of my chest! “So what in the world happened?”, you’re wondering. Glad you asked! 😉

Let me back up so you can fully understand how my day was going. It was a quiet, slow morning. I had finished completing my assignment for our ladies’ Bible study, had taken a little nap, and just finished a little warm soup for lunch. I was ready to head out on this gorgeous sunny day to do some exercising at the gym. As always, I let my little Maltese Sadie outside before I go. As I waited for her to finish and come back inside, I heard a commotion on the porch. I open the door and see my little dog standing not too far off of on the deck but then I look down at my feet and see a squirrel right there. Startled, I scream – yes, I know, don’t laugh at me. I think my scream scared the little creature and before I even realized what was happening – the squirrel made a mad dash into the house!!! I scream, grab my dog who is now shaking in fear, and start to panic. Trying to think clearly, I grab a broom from the closet and then open the main house door and our porch screen door that is off of the living room in hopes that the squirrel would just run out. The squirrel had disappeared.  Here I am standing in the living with broom and dog in hand….pretty much hiding behind the fireplace….too terrified to go searching my house for this wild creature. As I stand there in fear, I hear “sounds” coming from the spare room down the hall. I figured I better tip-toe down the hallway to the bathroom and bedroom to quickly shut the doors to prevent the squirrel from going in and out of the rooms.  I put Sadie in the bedroom and close the door to prevent a wild good chase.

IMG_8500I slowly step in the office and start sweet-talkin’ to this small animal, as if that’s going to do anything! 😀 As I approach it, it starts to run. Thankfully, it runs back out into the living room where the two doors are open to the ‘wild blue yonder’. Of course, the squirrel is trying to get out of the one glass patio door that is closed. It’s confused so I start to coax it to the other door with my broom hoping that it won’t run in the opposite direction. After a few brief moments, it runs to the fully open door and dashes out into the woods! THANK GOODNESS!!!!

I had to calm myself down after that. I think the stress and anxiety of the whole situation robbed me of at least 5 years of my life….maybe more! haha! 😛

Anyway, I guess this girl is still learning what it is to live in the “boonies”.

Everything Good and Wonderful

Today my heart is at peace. Today I feel content. Today I feel happy. Today I know that God is good.

Sure, I know for a fact that He is good every day whether trudging through the valleys or skipping on the mountaintops but today I feel especially blessed. Why?! I don’t think I can really pin-point it to something specific. Perhaps trying to keep a thankful heart when things seems to be falling apart helps, or soothing my soul with the precious Word of God, or enjoying the sparks of romance and delight between my husband and I, or anticipating the arrival of our little one….it could be due to any one of these or even other things, I don’t know. For a fact, I do know that I’m thankful that my bouts of sickness seem to be lessening little by little. 🙂  I even have a bit more energy and enthusiasm to exercise which makes me feel good mentally and emotionally. Getting more involved in our new church family and growing meaningful relationships is encouraging to my heart. Even sitting here and enjoying the aroma of a Woodwick candle burning and seeing beautiful red roses sitting on my kitchen table make me feel special and blessed.

It’s so easy for me to complain over trite matters that are already under God’s control! Why can’t I always see that there is so much goodness that surrounds me on both the dark and sunny days of life?! I am unworthy of my Saviour’s love. I am unworthy of His care and His longing for my love and devotion. I know that in a brief moment I can be tempted to become discouraged or even upset about a situation and I can easily give in to that temptation. But right now, I sit here and I praise Jesus for being my Almighty God and my All-Sufficient One! He is worthy to be praised, is He not?!

Here are a few pictures of what’s been going on here in the frigid regions of Western PA 🙂

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Trying to keep up-to-date with my pregnancy journaling. "Waiting in Wonder" was a great gift from my mom!

Trying to keep up-to-date with my pregnancy journaling. “Waiting in Wonder” was a great gift from my mom!

Keeping fit and healthy - at least trying to!

Keeping fit and healthy – at least trying to!

Me and my Valentine!

Me and my Valentine!

He knows how to make his wife especially happy! ;)

My V’day treats…….the man knows how to make his wife especially happy! 😉


Mini Cherry Cakes made for Sunday School class

Yes, the man helped assemble to goodie bags!

Yes, the man helped assemble the goodie bags!

Time to go back inside!

Time to go back inside!

Time to Act and Party!

This past weekend, I headed back to my hometown for a few days. I was excited to be part of my church’s Christmas play. They were performing Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” for two evenings and I was thrilled to be able to play two parts! It was a blast to say the least and definitely made for some good memories!


Make-up and Hair Prep

It's scary Marley!

It’s scary Marley!

The ghost of Christmas Present

The ghost of Christmas Present

I think you know who this is ;)

I think you know who this is 😉

Between scenes, I played a mother reading a dialogue of the story to my children

Between scenes, I played a mother reading a dialogue of the story to my children

Acting as Fred's wife, hosting a party. (Fred was the nephew to Scrooge.)

Acting as Fred’s wife, hosting a party. (Fred was the nephew to Scrooge.)

It was also perfect timing to visit back home as my brother and sister-in-law hosted a birthday party for my nephew. Jeremy turned three and is becoming quite the little man!

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Papa and Anna having a little dance :)

Papa and Anna having a little dance 🙂