New Year, Ultimate Desire

So it’s here – the new year! I’m pleased to say that I had enough energy and whim to stay up joining the millions counting down the seconds to 2016! This was a HUGE deal to me as most nights I’m utterly exhausted and falling asleep early as if I were an old lady! 😉 The baby was asleep for the night so my man and I spent some quality time together cuddling on the couch and thinking of how amazing 2015 was – just in the realization that we celebrated our first anniversary and welcomed our first child! This past year was good because God was good. We welcomed the new year in prayer and asked that God would protect our marriage and lead us in wisdom; we need it for sure!

I have a good feeling there may be a lot of changes come this year…..maybe even trials that will stretch us. It’s a bit daunting thinking about it. Surely this day is the first page of a blank 366 page journal (remember, it’s a leap year!). What will be written on each page as I look back come December 31st? More importantly, what will count for eternity? What will bring a smile to my Saviour’s face? This year, I want to have a heart in hot pursuit after God; I want to enjoy a marriage that is on fire and burning with a passion of intimacy as I love and respect my husband; I want to be the mommy that God knows I can be as I encounter situations that bring me to a standstill in my lack of knowledge and expertise; I want to be frugal in our finances; I want to encourage and bless those in the body of Christ that we know, I want to get physically fit and maybe lose some of the pregnancy “flubber” that still remains (haha!); and I want to be thankful and joyful in the easy and hard times. To sum it all up – I just want to have Christ seen vividly in my life like never before!

Can I do all of this? Why sure I can! Not in and of myself for sure – I would be guaranteed to fall flat on my face! I lack the determination and strength and the day-to-day desire. Can I do it because it’s a new year and it’s a resolution of my heart? Nah! I can do ALL of this because I can DEFINITELY do all through Christ and Him alone! Do you know how I know this? Because not only can I do ALL things through Christ but these things bring Him honor and glory and pleases Him so He WANTS me to accomplish these things this year and every year! He will give me my heart’s desire if I lean on Him and walk in the way He has ordained for me.  My part is to stay committed and faithful. How do I do this? Simply by staying close to Jesus. So this new year may the song of my heart be” Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross”.

What is it that you desire to see as fruit produced in your life this year? Will you join with me this day and the 365 days that follow? Join me and come; stand at the foot of the cross and let us remember the glory and wonder of His love and our very own unworthiness. Let’s stay close to Jesus! This could be the start to a brand new beginning!


A Mother Worthy of Honor

Godly mothers – young or old, abundant in children or suffering the loss of a child held dear – deserve the utmost honor and respect. They fulfill a calling that can only be given by our Lord and are worthy of His blessing and our admiration.

My life has been blessed. Not only have I been given a mother who has loved and nurtured me but has taught me by example what it is to be a godly woman in Christ Jesus. My life would not be the same without my dear mom, my dearest friend.

\What a privilege to be her daughter and I just can’t wait for the day that I see my little Abbie running into her Grammie’s arms knowing that she will be shown a portion of the pure agape love of Jesus.


Boy or Girl….Click to See!

This past weekend was full of wonderful special moments that I hope I will able to remember for the rest of my life! My mom had the entire family over for an ‘early’ Easter dinner but also totally surprised us by going above and beyond what I could ever imagine in giving the most awesome gender reveal party! You see, on March 26th, John and I had the blessed privilege of finding out that we were having a little….

 baby girl!


We couldn’t be more excited or thrilled! We immediately called our parents to tell them the news but wanted to share with the rest of my family in a special way. Mom said she would give a little reveal party – but boy, was I surprised to see all the effort, time, and love that both my dad and she showed in making it one party to never forget!


the beautiful presentation

the beautiful presentation

Blue and Pink Treats....chocolates, marshmallows rattles, chocolate oreo pops, and blue/pink chocolate covered strawberries

Blue and Pink Treats….chocolates, marshmallows rattles, chocolate oreo pops, and blue/pink chocolate covered strawberries

Then there were many gender reveal and baby-themed games to play…


even Baby Jeopardy! :)

even Baby Jeopardy! 🙂



very happy Mommy-to-be

very happy Mommy-to-be

uh-oh who has their hands on the bump?! ;)

uh-oh who has their hands on the bump?! 😉

It's a girl!

It’s a girl!

Stay posted to learn the name of our sweet little Princess and the meaning behind it!

A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas came and went quickly as it always does every year! Mom and Dad’s house was jam-packed and it was such a special day. To be with everyone opening gifts, laughing at the kids’ expressions, taking pictures, eating more food that we ever should, chatting, relaxing, and creating special memories…..well, it was a very merry Christmas.

Now, as we try to finish off all the Christmas cookies, chocolates, and fudge……we are getting ready for the next big party: New Years! haha! Whew – just a few more days before normal life can resume! 😉

Showing off her new Sophia party dress and high heels :)

Showing off her new Sophia party dress and high heels 🙂




Even the babies had a few gifts to open

Even the babies had a few gifts to open

Hailey loved her new teething toy

Hailey loved her new teething toy


the quilt mom made for baby Katie


Playing Minute-to-Win-It games

Playing Minute-to-Win-It games

a fun couples game that had us cracking up! Try hanging the ornament on the string without using your hands!

a fun couples game that had us cracking up! Trying to hang the ornament on the string while holding it between your lips!

Showing off his new coat and LED gloves

Showing off his new coat and LED gloves

jewerly always makes a girl happy! ;)

jewerly always makes a girl happy! 😉

From our Home to Yours

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. One filled with the love of Jesus and His peace, blessing, and joy!


Sadie sends her greetings too! 😉


It’s been a beautiful Christmas season so far and we are looking forward to traveling back to spend the holiday with my family. All my Christmas cookies are baked and the goodies are made!

Jam thumprints, Rocky road fudge, and white chocolate lollipops w/ cranberries and cashews!

Jam thumprints, Rocky road fudge, and white chocolate lollipops w/ cranberries and cashews!

Snickers Surprise Cookies! (there's a mini snickers in each cookie :)  )

Snickers Surprise Cookies! (there’s a mini snickers in each cookie 🙂 )

a pic from my outing w/ ladies of the church. The Strawberry Tea Room......Mmm snickerdoodle cocoa!

a pic from my outing w/ ladies of the church. The Strawberry Tea Room……Mmm snickerdoodle cocoa!

Joy to the World

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas…….at least in the Absher household.

All the decorations are up, presents are wrapped and nestled safely under the tree, cookies are in the cookie jar, christmas tree rice krispy treats are sitting on the table, christmas cards are on display on the mantle, and you can hear Joy to the World playing softly in the background. There’s a light dusting of snow on the ground and icicles hanging from the bushes. Yes, it’s beginning to look alot like Christmas.

I love this time of year and don’t want it to pass too quickly. I want to savor every moment. I want to be grateful for everyone and everything around me. I want to spread holiday cheer morning, noon, and night. I want to be full of smiles and have a heart full of adoration towards my Saviour at all times. But most of all, I want to always be keenly aware of the true meaning of Christmas. The moment in time we stop to remember when Love came down from heaven to take away the sins of the world.

This song that Shannon Wexelberg sings sums up Christmas beautifully. Take a moment and listen. I think you’ll be blessed!


Our Little Gingerbread House

I guess there’s a first for everything. This holiday season, I enjoyed my first experience making a gingerbread house! Can you believe it?! I’ve never made one and I’m how old???!!! I thought it would be something fun and memorable to do with the man. We bought a kit but basically only used the supplies from the box and left the creativity and design up to our imaginations. We added extra candies and icing we had on stash and even included a candy cane chimney! We were pretty impressed with how it turned out and kind of gave ourselves a ‘pat on the back’. Although, I will admit – most of the awesome creativeness came from the man – but hey, I’ll still take some credit! I was a good support system, cheering him on! 😉

The little house is sitting on display on our hutch in the kitchen. So cute!

Ready to begin

Ready to begin


Some intense moments

Some intense moments





On display

On display