Tic-Toc, Time Does Not Stop

Yep, sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m in my thirties! How can this be?! I still feel like I’m a spry young chick in her twenties….that is until about 9pm when I lay my baby down for the night and then realize just how exhausted I really am! I feel proud of myself when I resist the urge to crawl into bed before 10 pm! Ah, the life of a parent!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life – a prosperous life, a well-fulfilled life, a life of abundance, meaning, and purpose. You see, I just celebrated my birthday yesterday. I turned 33! Yes, I know – I gasp myself when I think about it. 😮 Turning 33, though, is monumental to me. Why? Well, it seems that many historians believe Jesus was 33 when He completed his ministry on this earth. Wow – to realize Jesus was my age when He fulfilled and completed His father’s plan is amazing! Even at this age I still sometimes feel like a kid and not a grown up! I so lack wisdom and understanding in life. I have so much room to grow in my walk with Christ. I have so much to learn as a godly, submissive wife and a joyful, loving mother.


Of all the passing years Jesus spent teaching, ministering, serving, and performing miracles, His final year at 33 years of age was by far the most impacting. He accomplished so much from His birth yet it was His final year that proved to be the most significant. If it wasn’t for what He accomplished during that final year, all else would have just made for some pretty amazing stories. But it was during His final year at, what we would consider, the prime of His life that He gave the ultimate sacrifice of love. He died providing forgiveness and eternal life and then rose from the grave signifying victory over sin and defeat.

For me, I want this year to be the most impacting from all previous years. I want to impact the world around me during my 33rd year. I want to impact them with the pure love of Jesus. I want to show compassion and gentleness and meekness. I want to woo them to the cross in earnest expectation of forgiveness and spiritual life. I want to impact my friends to seek a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I desire to be an inspiration to them, exemplifying a woman who pants after God and seeks Him with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength by spending time in the Word and prayer daily. I want to impact those closest to me: my dear husband and sweet baby daughter. I want my husband to feel adored, respected, loved, and cared for. I hope to love and cherish my baby with a tenderness and patience that can only come from Christ dwelling within me. I want to train her in the ways of the Lord so that she might love Him at a very young age.

Could this be the year for me? Could this be the year that I leave a ginormous mark on the world?! Can I dare say that I want this year to be the most impacting by far? Will I see God do exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ask or think (Eph 3:20)? I certainly hope so!

Interestingly enough, I learned that the number 33 in the Bible can relate to the promises of God. The 33rd time Noah’s name is used in the Old Testament is when God makes a special covenant with him. The 33rd time Abraham’s name is used in the Bible is when Isaac, the child of promise, is born to him. It also is the numeric equivalent of the word AMEN. God has been so good to me and has certainly proved faithful to His promises throughout the past years.RAINBOW RESOURCES GROUP

I cannot deny the fact that I was privileged to grow up in a God-fearing home with parents who raised me in the fear and admonish of God. They taught me Biblical principles that still stick with me today. They provided discipline and instruction that kept me from wandering aimlessly in my life pursuits. They cautioned me against the evils of this world which I am so very, very grateful for. They gave me ‘wings to fly’ as I ventured to establish my purposes and dreams. They loved me in such a way that inspires me to now love my family in the same way. I’m far from what I should be but by the grace of God I am what I am.

As a wife to a godly man, I’m thankful for the training I had in my younger years to prepare me for this season of life. As a mother to a 6 month old baby, I’m thankful for the example my mother was as she laid down her life for her children. I’ve learned so much from the godly influences the Lord has brought into my life and I’m still learning each and every day. I hope I always have a heart softened towards the things of the Lord so that I never cease to learn and grow.

I’m thankful for a God-fearing husband who puts up with my spontaneous whims, erratic emotions, and OCD tendencies. 😉  I’m amazed by his kindness and patience with me. He’s always so eager to serve me and never gets angry even when it’s so obvious that I am in the wrong.

Realizing how blessed my life is, I feel so unworthy yet so thankful. I look forward to see what changes this year will bring for me. Yes, I may get a few more grey hairs. I might even get a few more wrinkles under my eyes. The passing of time will continue to age my body regardless; but as I age, I want my spirit to be renewed. I want to wake up in the morning excited to live the day with Jesus by my side accomplishing His purposes so that I might leave a legacy of grace and holiness to those who will come behind.

So even though half of me feels like a spry young chick and the other half of me feels like a tired, worn-out aging woman – I say “bring it on!” I’m gonna hold on during this roller coaster ride of life and hopefully when it’s finished think……”now that was pretty awesome!” 😀


10 Week Update

Yes, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the thought that our little princess is 10 weeks old – just over 2 months! She has grown so much the past couple of weeks. She’s put on some more weight and now tips the scale at 10.12 lbs! She has the sweetest, biggest smile that melts mommy’s heart! She now enjoys playing on her activity mat and we are sure to get in plenty of tummy time! We even practice sitting up trying to strengthen her core! She does an amazing job and leaves her daddy and mommy think she’s nothing short of a genius! 😉



We enjoyed our family vacation in Big Sky Country! Montana was absolutely beautiful! Such gorgeous weather – I actually packed clothes that were too warm! We kept very busy trying to make our rounds visiting relatives and friends. John’s parents blessed us with a small family “baby welcome” party. I think Abbie enjoyed the special attention! 😉 She seemed to bond so well with John’s sister.


While in Montana, we made a special trip to Wyoming to visit the former church family John had been part of. It was special to meet some of his friends that I had only heard about. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever visited a church body that was so friendly and outgoing. I felt so welcomed and loved instantly! What a blessing. Since our time of visiting was limited, a group of us went out after the Wednesday service for a time of pie and fellowship afterwards! We stayed there until closing time and it was well worth it!

a visit to the capital of Montana

a visit to the capital of Montana


going through a cattle drive – pretty cool!

The whole trip to Wyoming consisted of three days. One day traveling there, one day of visiting, and one day traveling back. On the way there, we went through Yellowstone National Park. I had really wanted to go and at least see Old Faithful which we did! I would have loved to spend much more time there during the day but planning, scheduling, and timing all kind of revolve around a newborn with her feeding times and sleep times. 🙂  On the way back we went through Idaho Falls and we were sure to make a dinner stop at the good ol’ Chick-fil-A!



As a testament to God’s goodness, I can’t help but praise Him for giving Abigail a spirit of peace during the flights and even during each day we were away on vacation. At one point, I mentioned to my husband that it seemed like her colic had come to an end. Once we got home, I soon learned that she still showed signs of it but this just proved how amazing my God is! He put His hand on Abbie and allowed us to enjoy our vacation to its fullest. The Lord knows how much we can handle and He loves to give “good gifts” to His children! Praise be to His name!

"driving" the truck daddy rode in as a baby :)

“driving” the truck daddy rode in as a baby 🙂

So that’s the latest with the Abshers! 🙂 Life has been full but blessed! I look around and see my sweet daughter resting in her swing, a clean house cozily decorated for fall, laundry in the machine, the smell of roast and potatoes waiting to be eaten, and a clean pup laying by my side. Yes, God is good – all the time!

celebrating "the man's" birthday

celebrating “the man’s” birthday

The Bun is Still in the Oven!

Yes, it’s true folks. The little one is deciding to take her time. She can come any day now and I’m trying my best to coax her into making her grand debut soon but we all know that babies come when they’re good and ready! As I pray and trust the Lord, I ask Him to allow our precious baby to come when it’s the perfect time for her to meet her mommy and daddy who love her so very much already!


I thought you may enjoy seeing a few pictures of Abbie’s nursery. I’m very pleased with how it looks and happy that we were able to have a “little lamb” theme representing how she is Jesus’ little lamb and remembering that our Lord gathers His lambs with His arm and carries them in His bosom (Isaiah 40:11). DSC_0001 DSC_0003




DSC_0014Hoping that the next post will be the wonderful announcement of Abigail Grace’s birth! Please keep us all in prayer. It would be a comfort to my soul to know that there are those who are lifting us up before the throne for protection, health, strength, endurance, and wisdom! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Please come in!

Welcome my dear friend. You may be new to finding my blog site, maybe you’re an old friend, or even a family member. Whoever you may be, I’m thrilled you stopped by to take a peek. I am the author of the past SimplySanctified blog and now that I have begun a new life as a wifey to “the man”, I wanted to start a fresh blog. Please take a moment to bookmark this site because I will be publishing new posts with stories, thoughts, devotionals, recipes, and pictures frequently and I have a good feeling that you won’t want to miss any of it!

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